I am resurrecting this blog because I cannot stand to watch what is going on in my state and nationally. The lack of economic understanding is only getting worse. I love my chosen field of economics. But economics as a discipline is in a crisis of it’s own. It needs to lose the physics envy and kill the zombie economic ideas that are supported by the echo chamber and continue to do harm to the majority of the population.

A lot has changed for me since 2011. The biggest change was the birth of my son. He is my payback child and I love him more than anything. At seven he already challenges me and he reminds me that I need to work hard to help his generation. I have grave concern for these future generations. The prior generations have done them no favors and they will be the ones left holding the bag for all of the fucked up decisions being made today.

I will be attempting to explain economics, government, budgeting, and politics in easy to understand terms. I consider my greatest skills the ability explain complex topics in understandable ways and building bridges. I hope to do both with this blog. I also hope to save my sanity as I still need an outlet to get the mad rants out of my head.

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