Big Spenders

We keep hearing about big spending liberals but does that hold when we separate political fiction from fact.  Senator Jim DeMint yesterday stated “The President made it absolutely clear today that Democrats will cling bitterly to deficit spending until our nation is bankrupt.”  But most economists and even some conservatives are deriding the Paul Ryan’s […]

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Let’s Level the Playing Field

The government subsidizes lots of commodities including fossil fuels, nuclear energy, ethanol, various crops, etc.  Subsidies are the opposite of taxes.   Taxes and subsidies are economic incentives that can and do change behavior.  Taxes make the effective price of a good more expensive and therefore will reduce it’s consumption.  This is the idea behind sin taxes on cigarettes […]

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The American Dream

We as a society have this delusion that we like to call the American Dream – big house, 2 cars (new and probably big) in the garage, exotic vacations, all the latest gadgets, etc.  If we work hard we will be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and join the rich and possibly […]

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I am constructing this blog for two main reasons.  First, I am fed up with the level of economic and political literacy in this country.  I am certain that if we had a citizenry that understood economics better then we would probably not be in the mess that we currently find ourselves.  Second, I need to try […]

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